Ginevra Shay is an artist and curator living and working in Baltimore, Maryland in the United States. She is Curator of the site-specific project Rose Arcade and was recently Artistic Director of The Contemporary Museum.

Ginevra uses photography and sculpture to depict poetic moments of observation and adaptation. She uses dystopian backdrops of collapsing dominant structures to point out not just the flaws of these systems, but to highlight alternative, minor modes of persistence. Her influences range from failed systems, municipal design, modernist architecture, to cinematic slapstick. In her work, the body remains central but also the point of departure.

Ginevra's curatorial practice is primarily experimental and site-specific. Through her curatorial work she's activated dormant department stores, museums, banks, arcades, and parks. She's worked with artists such as Abigail DeVille, Victoria Fu, Miriam Simun, Michael Jones McKean, Elle Pérez, Dina Kelberman, Marina Pinsky, Martha Tuttle, Max Guy, and Malcolm Peacock.

Ginevra lectures extensively on activating historic sites through interpretive reuse, on dismantling passive engagement, and her own art practice.

Ginevra's work and publications are in the libraries of Yale University Art Gallery Library, The International Center for Photography, Indie Photobook Library, Houston Center for Photography, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Check out selected interviews: in Post Office Journal, LVL3, and MakeSpace

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A Big Toe Touches A Green Tomato, with Roxana Azar, Resort Gallery, Baltimore, MD, 2018

Washington Project For the Arts Auction, U-line Arena, Washington, DC, 2017

Reference/Material, curated by Alex Ebstein, Towson University, Towson, MD, 2016

A Tangential Survey, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 2016

Common Sense(s), curated by Juan Madrid and Carlos Loret de Mola, Center for Photography at Woodstock, Woodstock, NY, 2016

We No Longer See It, with Dan Rizzo-Orr, LVL3 Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2016

Untitled Art Fair, Represented by Present Company, Miami, FL, 2015

Positive Reinforcement, Gallery Four, Baltimore, MD, 2015

Salon of 1808, organized by The Peggy, 609 N. Paca Street, Baltimore, MD, 2015

Drawing Board, Ballroom Gallery, Baltimore, MD, 2015

AESTHETIC POLITICS OF THE ARTIST RUN, Transmitter and Guest Spot, Baltimore, MD, 2015

A Punch Bowl In A Dark Sink, Mallory Bloor, Baltimore, MD, 2015

Sondheim Semi-Finalists Exhibition, Decker and Meyerhoff Galleries,
Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD, 2015

Near Dark, Present Company, Brooklyn, NY, 2015

Book Fair, Art Books / Book Arts Today, Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT, 2014

(e)merge Art Fair, represented by Present Company, Capitol Skyline Hotel, Washington, DC, 2014

Perfect Wasn't Bad, curated by Empty Stretch, Hell & Gone, Brooklyn, NY, 2014

Macricrocosm, curated by Stewart Watson, Area 405, Baltimore, MD, 2014

Impossible Eye, with Miranda Pfeiffer, curated by Max Guy, Rock512Devil, Baltimore, MD, 2014

COL+LATE, curated by Trevor Powers, Flighing Object, Hadley, MA, 2014

Petrellas, NADA Art Fair, NYC, NY, 2014

The Collaborative Photobook:
Selections from the Indie Photobook Library,
SPE Conference, Baltimore, MD, 2014

Select 2014, Organized by Washington Project for the Arts, Juror Mera Rubel
Artisphere, Arlington, VA, 2014

Photobook Show Malamö, Galleri Vasli Souza, Malmö, Sweden, 2014

Petrella's Imports: Internet Protocol, Pulitzer Fountain, NYC, NY, 2013

A Tail and Head with No Body, Terence Hannum and Gary Kachadorian,
Printed Matter Online, NYC, NY, 2013

Petty Thieves, Organized by Empty Stretch and Furthermore,
Petworth Citizen, Washington DC, 2013

Medium Cool, Prairie Production, Chicago, IL, 2013

Looking Away, Curated by Geoff Delanoy, Gormley Gallery,
Notre Dame of Maryland University, Baltimore, MD, 2013

These Are Young People, Curated by Aljaž Celaric and Eva Pavli
Seifert, Skrinja Gallery, Maribor, Slovenia, 2013

Blonde Art Books Tour, Risograph Pop Up, Curated by Sonel Breslav,
Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA, 2013

Transformer Art Auction, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC, 2013

Selfie, Curated by Rod Malin, Guest Spot, Baltimore, MD, 2013

Petrella's Imports, Bowery and Canal, NYC, NY, 2013

Halftone, Curator Greg Jackson, Open Space Gallery, Bournemouth, UK, 2013

Photobook Show E, John Hansard Gallery | Central, Southhampton, UK, 2013

L.A. Art Book Fair, Represented by Arts and Sciences Projects,
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, LA, CA, 2013



Wash, Martha Tuttle, Max Guy, Merideth Hilbrand, Rose Arcade, AZ West, Joshua Tree, CA
The Ground, solo with Michael Jones McKean, The Contemporary, Baltimore, MD


Let The Sun Set On You, solo with Malcolm Peacock, Rose Arcade, Baltimore, MD
Occhio Pavone, Rose Arcade, Florence, Italy
Clam in the Wild, Rose Arcade, Baltimore, MD
Only When Its Dark Enough Can You See The Stars, solo with Abigail DeVille, The Contemporary, Baltimore, MD


Positive Reinforcement, co-curated with Jonathan Campolo and Greyory Blake, Gallery Four, Baltimore, MD
Error: Host Unknown, Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore, MD
A New Glass, co-curated with Roxanna Azar, Oranbeg, Online Exhibition
Bubble Over Green, solo commission Victoria Fu, The Contemporary, Baltimore, MD


Baltimore, Contemporary Cross Section, Silvermine, New Canaan, CT
Find No Two Suns, Sophia Belkin and Suzanna Zak, Current Space, Baltimore, MD


No Matter, John Zimmerman solo exhibit, Current Space, Baltimore, MD
Regarding Territory, Furthermore, Washington, DC
Good Light (2013), co-curated with Jules Hamann, Current Space, Baltimore, MD
Painted Woods, Ryan Syrell solo exhibit, Current Space, Baltimore, MD
Assembly Affect, Kyle Tata solo exhibit, Current Space, Baltimore, MD
INTO THE WOODS, Elle Perez solo exhibit, Current Space, Baltimore, MD


Good Light, Current Space, Baltimore, MD
NEW HISTORY, Guest Spot, Baltimore, MD
Everything That Rises Must Converge, co-curated with Carl Gunhouse,
950 Hart Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Everything That Rises Must Converge, co-curated with Carl Gunhouse,
Current Space, Baltimore, MD

Selected Publications


Stereo-vision: Thoughts on Color in the Work of Lyndon Barrois Jr, Sensible Disobedience Catalog, curated by Lynnette Miranda, Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City, MO


Corda Magazine, Art and Literary Magazine, London, UK
Common (S)enses, Exhibition Catalog, Center for Photography at Woodstock, Woodstock, NY


Paper Safe, Art and Literary Magazine, Boston, MA


Bronzelidded, Unique Artist Anti-Book, Baltimore, MD
Average Subjects, Ginevra Shay and Kyle Tata, Baltimore, MD
Pretty Boy, Published by Rock Bottom Press, LA, CA
ACRES Issue 2, Art and Literary Magazine, Baltimore, MD


Interleaves, Published by Oranbeg Press, NYC, NY
NICE TO SEE YOU, Curated by Trevor Powers, Supported by Jobo,
Northampton, MA
Good Light Catalog (2013), Exhibition Catalog, Current Space, Baltimore, MD
Wall Papers #2, Zine, Published by Arts & Sciences Projects, NYC, NY
Assembly Affect, Exhibition Catalog, Current Space, Baltimore, MD
INTO THE WOODS, Exhibition Catalog, Forward, Current Space, Baltimore, MD
Haus, Art and Literary Magazine, Gallatin University, NY
Elk Zine No. 26, Photography Book, Las Vegas, NV 
On Images and Photographs, Photography Book, Ljubljana, Slovenia
SHAY/BOUCHÉ, Photography Book, Risograph, Ginevra Shay and James Bouche, Baltimore, MD
It's Wrong to Want to be Raptured, Zine, by R. M. O'Brien and Ginevra Shay, Baltimore, MD
We Don't Owe You A Thing, Zine, Scene Report for Baltimore, Published by Carl Gunhouse and Tomas Marquet, Brooklyn, NY
SEE YOU SOON, Ginevra Shay and Jonathan Campolo, Photography Book, Self Published, Baltimore, MD and Brooklyn, NY


Good Light Catalog, Photography Book, Current Space, Baltimore, MD
There's Treasure Everywhere, Photography Book, Self Published, Baltimore, MD
TOO MANY PLACES AND TIMES TO REMEMBER, Ginevra Shay and Trevor Powers, Photography Book, Self Published, Baltimore, MD and Boston, MA
Inbetweenie, Photography Book, Self Published, Baltimore, MD
TARRATINE, Photograph, Art and Literary Magazine, Print, Bangor, ME
Everything That Rises Must Converge, Exhibition Catalog, Text, Created by Carl Gunhouse, Print, New York, NY

Speaking Engagements

Moderator, "Moving Images beyond the Cinema", with Alan Resnick, Marnie Ellen Hertzler, Wickerham & Lomax, Lily Baldwin, and Jillian Mayer, Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore, MD, May 2017

Artist Talk, "Back to Work", Gormley Gallery, Notre Dame of Maryland University, Baltimore, MD, May 2017

Curatorial Talk, The Ground, The Contemporary, Baltimore, MD, Apr 2017

Workshop, "Dismantling Power and Passive Engagement", Public Commons 2017, American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, PA, Mar 2017

Panelist, Artists as Museum Workers, Museum Committee of the College Art Association, New York, NY, Feb 2017

Artist Talk, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, Sep 2016

Artist Lecture, Towson University, Towson, MD, Sep 2016

Panelist, The Permeable Space: Socially Engaged Institutions, Open Engagement Conference, Oakland Museum of California, Oakland CA, April 2016

Artist/Curator Talk, Cara Ober's Professional Development Course, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD, Feb, 2016

Panelist, Peale Museum/Peale Center Public Forum, Former Peale Museum, Baltimore, MD, Feb, 2016

Moderator, 3D Printing + Access, with Dwyer Kilcollin, and Smithsonian Digitization Program Officers Adamn Metallo and Vince Rossi, The Contemporary, Baltimore, MD, May 2015

Moderator, Error: Host Unknown Panel, with Dina Kelberman, Wickerham & Lomax, and Amanda Horowitz,
Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore, MD, May 2015

Curatorial Talk, Bubble Over Green, The Contemporary, Baltimore, MD, March 2015

Presentation, On The Contemporary with Deana Haggag, Open Engagement Conference, Queens Museum, Queens NY, May 2014

Presentation, Society For Photographic Education National Conference, Baltimore, MD, March 2014

Organizer Talk, Good Light #2, Current Space, Baltimore, MD, Sep 2013

Presentation, THIRTY: 30 Creative Minds Under 30, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD, May 2013

Artist Lecture, Open Space Print and Multiple Fair, D Center, Baltimore, MD, March 2013

Curatorial Talk, New History, Guest Spot, Baltimore, MD, Dec 2012

Organizer Talk, Good Light, Current Space, Baltimore, MD, Nov 2012


Maryland State Individual Artist Grant for Photography 2018

Visiting Artist

Towson University

Rutgers University

Maryland Institue College of Art


Curatorial Practice, Yale University Art Gallery’s Department of Photography, Yale, New Haven, CT, 2017
A-Z West Residency, Joshua Tree, CA, 2017
(Finalist) Tate Curatorial Intensive, Tate Modern, London, UK
Gallery Four, Baltimore, MD 2015-2016
Y.ES Contemporary, El Salvador, 2015

Public Collections

Yale University Art Gallery Library, New Haven, CT
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA
Rock Paper Sissors, Oakland, CA
International Center for Photography, New York, NY
Arts & Sciences PROJECTS, New York, NY
Parallel Art Space, in Queens, NY
950 Hart Gallery in Bushwick, NY 
Indie Photobook Library, Washington, DC 
Houston Center of Photography, Houston, TX
Bethel University Collection of Artist Books & Publications, St. Paul, MN
Little Brown Mushroom Books, St. Paul, MN
Open Space Library, Baltimore, MD
Memorial Library at 17 Cox, Beverly, MA 
Salford Zine Library, in Manchester, UK
Work Flow, Brighton, UK 
Booklet Library, Japan


Ghost Food undergraduate course, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Founder + Instructor, Current Space Community Darkroom, Baltimore, MD

Board Member

Baltimore Youth Arts, Baltimore, MD 2015 - Current
Bromo Arts District, Baltimore, MD 2015 - 2017



Alumni Juried Exhibition, Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD
Transformer Auction, Washington, DC
Torpedo Factory Artist-In-Residence Program, Alexandria, VA
Brentwood Arts Exchange Juried Exhibition, Greenbelt, MD
USA Artists Grant, Chicago, IL