Positive Reinforcement

Organized by Ginevra Shay, Jonathan Campolo, Greyory Blake

We find ourselves disillusioned not only by the senseless optimism and technological revelry of neo-capitalism, but also by the scorched earth policy sought by its opposition. We are unwillingly complicit in a world of dichotomies, all working toward a presumed dystopian future.

Joining minds is often reliant on the sacrifice of the individual; conformity to a hive-mind. Collective communities should operate under the acknowledgement of their own structural pitfalls. The success of a collective may be determined by its ability to manifest collaborative effort; however, we refuse to acknowledge our collaboration as a means to any end.

We must combat this polarity with unknowingness, and in doing so, we must express our dissent as affirmation. We must say "yes" to the abandonment of power, "yes" to the acknowledgement of hegemonic individualism, "yes" to dissolving passive engagement, "yes" to identity and anti-identity, "yes" to turbo-capitalist satire and the destruction of capital, "yes" to rhizomatic structure in a world of unchecked growth, "yes" to the exhaustion of appropriation, "yes" to absolving online persona and celebrity, "yes" to anonymity and collaboration, "yes" to sincerity, "yes" to absurdity, "yes" to process and material and the heuristic, "yes" to merging context with content, "yes" to immediacy, and "yes" to knowing and not knowing and having the confidence to admit either way. We say "yes" to positive reinforcement.

Opening Reception
Saturday, November 14th, 7-10pm
On View
November 14th 2015 - January 17th, 2016
Gallery Hours
Saturdays 12 – 4pm or by appointment

Gallery Four
Baltimore, MD


Exhibiting Artists
Roxana Azar, Phillip Birch, Greyory Blake, Abbey Campbell, Jonathan Campolo, Jennifer Choi, Nathaniel deLarge, LJ Frezza, Max Galyon, Nate Grossman, Alexander Iezzi, Killer Instinct, Sarah Kinlaw, Chris Maggio, LAZY MOM, Keegan Monaghan, Mike Nudelman, Nathan Phillips, Trevor Powers, Patrick Reynolds, Ginevra Shay, Yuri Stone, HEAVYPET U.S., Nettie Syrell, Ariel Zambenedetti